Terms & Conditions

In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply:-

Business Day: a day (other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday) when banks in London are open for business.

Terms: these terms and conditions as amended from time to time.

Client: the person or firm who purchases Services from CV Specialists.

Staff: a member of CV Specialists’ team.

Order: the Client’s order for Services as discussed either in person, over the telephone or via email with a CV Specialists project manager or equivalent level employee.

Services: the various services supplied by CV Specialists to the Client. These can include – but are not necessarily limited to – the production of CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and interview training.

CV Specialists: [CV Specialists Limited] registered in England and Wales with company number 07260484.

1 All content on this site is the property of CV Specialists. Unauthorised copying of any of the content is not permitted.

2 In an attempt to provide value to our visitors, we may link to sites operated by third parties. However, this is only for the visitor’s convenience and you access these sites at your own risk.

3 CV Specialists make every effort to ensure the Services they provide are of the highest possible quality. However, high-quality CVs, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, interview training or equivalent is no guarantee of employment.

CV Specialists are in no position to guarantee employment for any given Client and are in no way liable if the Client fails to gain employment as a result of using CV Specialists’ Services.

4 The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide and CV Specialists are in no way liable if information given to them is incorrect in any way.

The Client has ultimate responsibility for checking the accuracy of any CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or equivalent Service that CV Specialists provide before use.

5 CV Specialists reserve the right to change prices for their Services and prices may occasionally fluctuate accordingly.

However, the price agreed at the moment a Client places an Order and commissions CV Specialists for use of their Services remains fixed for the Services agreed.

As a result, any changes to CV Specialists’ overall pricing structure that may or may not occur while they are in the course of providing Services for any given Client will have no effect on the Services provided to that Client or the price the Client pays for those Services.

5.1 Due to the nature of the Services provided and the individual needs of each Client, CV Specialists’ Staff may feel some Clients will receive better value for money with a bespoke package rather than an “off-the-shelf” package.

In these instances a CV Specialists project manager or equivalent level employee will suggest a package and payment structure that they believe will suit the Client.

5.2 CV Specialists’ Staff are unable to start work on behalf of a Client until the Client has paid in full for the Services they have ordered.

In exceptional circumstances, if a Client is having difficulties paying for Services – for example through technical issues that are not of their own making – CV Specialists may agree to undertake work on trust of future payment in full.

In these instances a spoken or written agreement with a CV Specialists project manager or equivalent level employee will be deemed binding and CV Specialists will demand payment in full at the Client’s first convenience.

6 If required, CV Specialists will make every effort to return the first draft of a Client’s CV or equivalent Services back to them within two full Business Days of receiving both payment and – where applicable – the existing version of the Client’s CV or equivalent.

If the Client deems this speed of service essential they should make this clear to a CV Specialists project manager or equivalent level employee prior to placing their Order.

After receiving both payment and the existing CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or equivalent, Staff may need to speak to the Client either in person, over the telephone or via email in order to complete their work.

They will make every effort to contact the Client at a time convenient to them and to be responsive to contact at their end but failure on behalf of the Client to respond quickly to requests or questions may delay the process.

If the Client requests revisions to be made after the first draft is completed, CV Specialists will endeavour to make them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, because these revisions are entirely reliant on Client preference, Staff can make no guarantees of completing them inside any given time frame.

7 CV Specialists offer unlimited revisions on all CVs at no extra cost to the Client.

If a Client is unhappy with the first draft of any CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or equivalent Service, CV Specialists will do everything in their power to address any issues and revise / amend Services to the Client’s satisfaction in subsequent drafts.

However, CV Specialists charge additional fees for providing separate versions of a Client’s CV or equivalent Services such as cover letter or LinkedIn profile.

As such, any commitment to unlimited revisions merely extends to alterations or improvements to their existing CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or equivalent – not the creation of what could be deemed a distinct second or third version of the Services in question.

7.1 CV Specialists’ Staff typically provide Clients with watermarked versions of their CVs until the Client in question officially signs off the Services, at which point Staff provide the CV free from watermarks and the Services are deemed to be completed.

7.2 CV Specialists offer a full refund if the Client is unhappy with the quality of any Services provided but this is only used a last resort.

First and foremost, CV Specialists will always attempt to resolve any issues to the Client’s satisfaction. If this is not possible Staff will satisfy themselves that the Client has just cause and is being reasonable in demanding a refund.

In extreme cases, if CV Specialists feel a Client is being unreasonable in their demands, they may request to use an independent adjudicator to assess the standard of the work produced and the validity of the demand for a refund.

In such cases, CV Specialists and the Client would jointly decide on the choice of adjudicator and share the costs accordingly.

8 CV Specialists Staff take their work extremely seriously and regularly turn away work due to high demand for Services.

It may be possible to cancel an Order for work if a Client informs a CV Specialists project manager or equivalent level employee promptly but no guarantee can be made.

Staff often start work within minutes of receiving an Order. CV Specialists are in no way liable to pay a refund if the Client informs them that Services are no longer required after work has commenced on any given Order.

9 Many of CV Specialists’ Clients wish to be discreet about the fact they are searching for employment and Staff make every effort to be as discreet as possible in all dealings with Clients.

To ensure the Client’s dealings with CV Specialists are prevented from becoming public knowledge, Staff are instructed not to befriend Clients on social media.

However, Staff reserve the right to contact the Client using any email address or phone number the Client has provided unless they have been instructed otherwise.

If a Client requires CV Specialists to avoid making contact through any particular method they should make this expressly clear in advance.

9.1 Staff are discreet in all their dealings with Clients and will not distribute Clients’ CVs or details to any third party without explicit prior permission.

In their dealings with Clients, it can occasionally be helpful for CV Specialists to distribute one or more of their own Staff CVs to Clients.

These CVs are not for public consumption and the Client is entirely responsible for not passing them on to any third party, sharing them or allowing them to fall into the public domain in any way.

10 The member of Staff a Client speaks to in the first instance will often be heavily involved in the production on that Client’s CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or equivalent Service. However, this is not the case in every single instance.

CV Specialists have a number of CV writers and other Staff whose working hours fluctuate at short notice due to demand and availability.

A minimum of two Staff work on every CV and CV Specialists will make every effort to ensure that Staff members who have played a significant role in providing Services for any given Client are available to discuss those Services in detail should the Client wish.

10.1 In instances where significant extra costs are incurred – for example long or numerous phone calls abroad or travel expenses – CV Specialists are in no way liable to pay these expenses and will pass the costs on to the Client, having notified the Client in advance.

11 As defined by the United Kingdom’s Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, all CV Specialists’ goods are ‘made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalised’ and are therefore exempt from the normal distance selling regulations.

12 CV Specialists reserve the right to change these Terms without notice at any time. By continuing to use our Services you are deemed to have accepted such changes. If you are not satisfied with the Terms you must stop using our Services immediately.